Hudson S/S '14 Women's Lookbook Hudson-SS14-W407DBB_FOXY_2135.jpg

Hudson’s Spring 2014 is inspired by the carefree and adventure seeking spirit of Woodstock. “Wishful Sinful,” the embodiment of a dreamer with a ‘don’t give a f#ck’ attitude, is the name of the collection.

Spring marks the return to true denim embodied in easy-gong flared and slim silhouettes and bohemian details. The collection is influenced by Morocco, the mythical home of Jimi Hendrix, Woodstock headliner and poster child.

Bold Kaleidoscope prints, brought to life through the vibrant colors found in Moroccan souks, or markets, are juxtaposed with muted colors, textures, and reptilian inspired prints found throughout the land.

Not all who wander are lost.”

And as I had already noted in my S/S ’14 Press Preview post, there are going to be a lot of coated and leather jeans as well coming up. Oh boy, how I wish I could just skip winter and “spring to Spring”!

Hudson S/S '14 Women's Lookbook Hudson-SS14-WL522DHK_TTDS_2721_EDIT.jpg
Hudson S/S '14 Women's Lookbook Hudson-SS14-WM407DIF_GOOD_2221.jpg
Hudson S/S '14 Women's Lookbook Hudson-SS14-WM407DIY_CROS_2632.jpg
Hudson S/S '14 Women's Lookbook Hudson-SS14-WM407DIY_MME_2759.jpg
Hudson S/S '14 Women's Lookbook Hudson-SS14-WM407DIY_NYM_2630.jpg
Hudson S/S '14 Women's Lookbook Hudson-SS14-WM407DIY_VERM_2759.jpg
Hudson S/S '14 Women's Lookbook Hudson-SS14-WM407DIY_VERS_2615.jpg
Hudson S/S '14 Women's Lookbook Hudson-SS14-WM4045DBB_BLWD_2147.jpg

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