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Denimology really loves and supports Made In America, so I am delighted to let you know about this new brand, Diego Milano, which is totally made in the US and launched this month.

The rad thing about these jeans are the special details on each pair, like the side-way button flies on the men’s jeans with the cross-over crotch fly, and all the detailed panelings on the legs of the jeans.

“Unlike other denim lines that are out on the market today, we keep all of our manufacturing at home in sunny Los Angeles, ensuring that we get first dibs on seeing each pair, hot off the press to make sure quality is at its highest and every pair of denim that gets sent out is personally checked over by our own eyes.” -Diego Milano’s COO, Jessi Caruso.

While Diego Milano, is set to debut their men’s and women’s fall collections in October, their impact on the denim community is bound to stir things up! This sophisticated, risk taking, rock n’ roll inspired line separates itself through every aspect of their jeans, washes, designs, hardware, fits, fabric, you name it! Each one being customized for a 100% unique pair of jeans that no other denim line can recreate. Besides the bragging rights of purchasing ‘Made in the USA’ fashion, each pair of Diego Milano’s comes with extra perks such as having alterations and custom modifications available to any pair of jeans

As more Americans question where their fashion goods are coming from, the importance of keeping high-end fashion in our country rises! The luxury market demands piece of mind shopping without losing their fashion forward appearance. The growth of fashion lines in America like Diego Milano, not only define the US role in the fashion world but exemplifies our pride in our country!”

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