Olivia Munn in 3x1 3x1-OliviaMunn-01.jpg

Olivia Munn wore a pair of 3×1 “W1” Moto Coated Mini Shorts in Wash #1/Black Coated, while attending the TAO Downtown Grand Opening in Manhattan. These shorts look exactly like leather shorts, because 3×1 has an awesome way of coating their denim in a more matte way, so you really cannot tell the difference just by looking. Actually, 3×1 just came out with an amazing coated pair of jeans, in a very unique style and with the same coating…but I am getting carried away here :-)))

Shorts: 3×1 Moto Coated Mini Shorts, $195.00

Olivia Munn in 3x1 3x1-OliviaMunn-02.jpg