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My very first J Brand jeans were the 801 Woodgrain Printed Leggings that I reviewed about a year ago; they instantly turned me into a fan of the brand. The cool print and more importantly great fit won me over in a matter of minutes. They simply were an awesome pair of jeans! The last two J Brand’s I got made an even bigger impression on me. The L8092 Aline Super Skinny in Hewson is one of them and here is why I love them so much!

To create these pieced skinnies the designers used velveteen, power stretch denim and genuine leather. Such a contrasting combination makes the jeans very luxurious while also functional at the same time. Each of these materials is very different from each other in texture, hand feel and overall appeal but together they fuse into the perfect ensemble of glamour, edgy chic and unexpected versatility. Even the “mismatched” way they all take black in their own various shades is super cool and gives an absolutely unique and original look to these pants.

The L8092 Aline is a new for me fit and I must say I LOVE it! These Super Skinnies are slim from the thigh to the very bottom (the leg opening is only 10″) and hold you tightly in to create a trim and slender silhouette. The medium front rise provides plenty of coverage and flatters the stomach. I really like how these jeans give my pretty small butt a nice shape and make it look great 🙂 J Brand almost always makes their back pockets sit pretty high and that really helps to avoid that “triangle” side-thigh that can sometimes happen with lower placed pockets when walking or standing certain ways. I also really like that these skinnies are done in a shorter 28″ inseam – ankle length is mega chic. Besides that it is also really versatile and makes any shoe or bootie look fantastic!

The “Power Stretch” name speaks for itself; the denim has a great amount of elasticity even though there is not more than the usual 2% elastane in its content. The velveteen part is also very stretchy and both of them are about the same medium weight. The 100% lamb leather is smooth and thin and incorporated flawlessly into the pant without causing any tension or bulging. I also noticed that these jeans hardly attract any lint even considering they are black, even the velvet part. I am not sure what to attribute that to, probably due to some anti-static step in the garment’s finishing process, but I am very glad that I don’t have to worry about a bunch of tiny specks stuck to my pants 🙂

Once again J Brand has nailed it! The L8092 Aline Super Skinny in Hewson is a beautiful and unique pair of jeans that will make any girl feel special while wearing them!

The J Brand L8092 Aline Super Skinny in Hewson is available here.

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