G-Star x Magnus Carlsen  G-Star_campaign10-2_branded_Magnus-A.jpg

The world champion chess player Magnus Carlsen is continuing his partnership with G-Star RAW (which started in 2010) as their SS14 campaign ambassador (his 3rd campaign with G-star), and will also be partnering with the brand during this world tournament where he hopes to take home the title of World Chess Champion.

With the world championship taking place November 9th – 28th (in Chennai, India) its prime time to tie all this news in with coverage of the tournament. G-Star Raw pulled the chess player into their world after noticing his incredible raw talent, confidence and on-going drive.

And here is an update:

Magnus won the Championship and now is officially World No. 1! AWESOME, Magnus! Concrats!

{note from the editor: Magnus pretends to be a bad boy, but he is actually such a sweetheart – I met him about 3 years ago and he was adorable with his “fake” bad boy attitude}

G-Star x Magnus Carlsen  G-Star_campaign10-2_Magnus-C.jpeg