Introducing Mason Industries: Water-repellent denim for action sports.

“Snowboarding and motorbike riding in jeans is super cool. What if you could ride in your jeans and still stay dry and warm all day on the mountain?
This is water repellent, abrasion resistant, 100% breathable, fully lined, stretch denim. High tech on the inside. Low tech on the outside.

Mason Industries is a new brand, with new technology and a new outerwear aesthetic.
Gone are the days of over sized, over tech and weird for the sake of weird clothing. You like wearing jeans, rock n roll and looking bad ass, right? Then these are the jeans for you. The Classic Rock pants are a minimalist approach with maximum efficacy.”

This brand is still seeking funding through Kickstarter and will launch the full line in Sept. 2014. You can check out Mason Industries Kickstarter page here.

Introducing: Mason Industries MASON-black front.jpg

{MASON – dark front}
Introducing: Mason Industries MASON-blue front.jpg
{MASON – blue front}
Introducing: Mason Industries MASON-blue inside front.jpg

{MASON – blue inside front}