Mother Party Holiday '13 Lookbook MotherParty-F13-06.jpg

Mother defines its Holiday ’13:

“To Sir Phillip, With Love is a beautiful black-and-white lace story that is chic and demure.

Disturbing the Peace features five washes – black, gunmetal, bronze, rust and silver – that are gorgeous and scintillating, making for the perfect holiday pieces.”

I have to add that Mother has some of the best fitting skinnies for ALL sizes. As a personal shopper and stylist, I have never experienced any problem with any size in terms of fit. Meaning: a size 26 fits a skinny chick as well, as a size 31 fits a more curvy lady. Well done, Mother! 🙂

Mother Party Holiday '13 Lookbook MotherParty-F13-32.jpg
Mother Party Holiday '13 Lookbook MotherParty-F13-30.jpg
Mother Party Holiday '13 Lookbook MotherParty-F13-26.jpg
Mother Party Holiday '13 Lookbook MotherParty-F13-18.jpg

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