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Barney’s – my denim heaven – once more was THE place to discover a new denim brand that really made me do a double take and crazy in the sense of falling instantly in lust. 6397 denim is mainly of a lighter weight, not the kind of denim I usually fall for, but the styles and washes absolutely made up for this! Slouchier, individually treated and mainly in vintage washes, these jeans do have an awesome fit and escape the label of skinny/boyfriend/bootcut or flare definition. 6397 is a brand created by the owner of the “News” agency, Stella Ishii. Located at the heart of Soho in NYC, “The News” is known for discovering and launching many new brands.

“Forty to fifty percent of the collection is made up of denim and consists of 4-5 styles of jeans. Nearly all the staff at News come to work in their favorite jeans and taking that as inspiration, the line offers jeans with nuances that are hard to come by, muscle tees, baseball tees, slouchy cardigans and sweaters – boyish feel- all complement the denim. The denim is made in Los Angeles. We made things we want to wear. Stella Ishii is the owner of The News, a fashion showroom in New York, which is well known as an important fashion destination where many owners and buyers of stores from around the world stop by. Ms. Ishii put it this way “The inspiration of 6397 comes from my staff and their cool and individual sense of style”. This brand is about individual style – in the same way that Stella and her staff are not much swayed by trends- 6397 has this spirit of individuality. It is also minimal and free of decoration. “To think only of what will sell becomes boring. We tried to offer a wardrobe of clothes that we would want to wear-everyday.” This is how Stella Ishii explained about the inception of the brand. 6397 offers a casual wardrobe for modern women – selecting simple, yet beautiful, fabrics and focusing on fine finishes.”

I totally so bet on seeing a lot of 6397 soon everywhere. I believe that people are becoming tired of being “trendy” all the time and are looking for denim that caters to individuality and style instead of trend and “fashionably right”.

Available now at Barney’s and Shopbop.

New Brand To Watch: 6397 - F/W 2013 Hudson-SS14-M-6397-Women-FW13-09.jpg
New Brand To Watch: 6397 - F/W 2013 Hudson-SS14-M-6397-Women-FW13-17.jpg
New Brand To Watch: 6397 - F/W 2013 Hudson-SS14-M-6397-Women-FW13-24.jpg

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  1. I believe the slouchy jeans are a great option for who already owns skinnies and boyfriends and is looking for a different style:-).

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