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Iconic motorcycle brand Harley Davidson and biker inspired premium denim brand,
Robin’s Jean, have teamed up to create the first Robin’s Jean Shop-in Shop in
Monterey Harley Davidson. The new corner reveals woodgrain walls with chrome trim
and is adorned with images of Designer and Founder Robin Chretien with some of his celebrity friends such as Sharon Stone and Mickey Rourke. The shop offers a selection of both men’s and women’s denim, t-shirts and leather jackets.

This unique partnership came about when Monterey Harley Davidson ordered several
Robin’s Jean styles for the store. They love the biker aesthetic of the brand while Robin himself is an avid Harley rider and collector so, this union was a match made in heaven.

The wings logo is shared by both brands and carries the ever present symbol of
freedom and love of the open road.

The Monterey Harley Davidson store is located at 700 Cannery Road in Monterey,
California and carries a motorcycle driven selection of Robin’s Jean. On top of it, there
are currently three free-standing Robin’s Jean stores in the United States in Beverly
Hills, New York, Laguna Beach and an international location in Ibiza,Spain.

This looks like a match made in heaven (or was it LOL!)!
Can’t wait to check this out and share some more images with you! Stay tuned.

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