Los Angeles based MODERNSAINTS debuted its distinctive design aesthetic at its launch in fall 2013. Designed by husband and wife team Mik & Maria Serfontaine (doesn’t this name ring a bell?! –Serfontaine) MODERNSAINTS revolutionizes denim and casual basics through the use of innovative coatings, unexpected touches of leather, and cutting-edge finishes and fabrics. Viewing laid-back Southern California staples like hoodies, terry tops, and skinny jeans from a European design perspective, the brand fuses practicality with luxury, wear-ability and with unconventionality.

All Denim is made with cutting edge KNITTING technology – making the Denim a perfect fit that stretches and contours to your body’s shape for ultimate comfort!

Well, their hashtag is #thisisnotajean – LOL! And when I saw this I got really curious. can’t wait to check these out personally hopefully soon.