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Elena Style – Bleulab Reversible Legging in Black Venetian Lace

Elena Style – Bleulab Reversible Legging in Black Venetian Lace
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I’ve known about Bleulab and their reversible denim collection for a while but hadn’t gotten the opportunity to check them out for myself. The whole double-sided jean idea sounded very fascinating. But recently I was able to satisfy my curiosity when I got the Legging in Black Venetian Lace to review and must say that I am impressed!

The reversible jean concept is so fresh and innovative but sure seems like a difficult one to execute, especially in skinny fits. I actually had a couple of concerns; how well jeans such as this would fit and how comfortable they would be. I was up for a big and pleasant surprise – neither of those aspects was compromised by the reversible nature of the pants. Thanks to the mindful construction and fabrication, careful and precise sewing and finishing process these jeans combine two absolutely great and completely different pairs in one! By looking at them or even wearing them you won’t be able to tell they are reversible – they really appear and feel like a normal pair of jeans! The two sets of meticulously aligned belt loops and back pockets don’t cause any discomfort and more importantly (for women particularly :-)) don’t add any extra bulk. And of course how cool is it that each side of the denim looks SO different one from another?! The Black Coating with its shiny leather-like finish is perfect for a date or a night out with friends while the more demure Venetian Lace print is chic and sophisticated making it ideal for work or day errands. I really don’t know which one I like the most; good thing is there’s no need to choose 🙂

Bleulab has created a very flattering Legging fit. It is slim through the whole leg and comes down to a quite narrow leg opening of 10.25″. The regular 8″ front rise and longer 13″ back rise work well together to hide minor flaws in your stomach area and give a nice shape to your tush. The 30″ inseam is suitable for most women and a great choice for a style such as this.

The denim has an interesting blend of 95% cotton, 3% spandex and 2% of the “mysterious” elasterell-p. It is very stretchy and incredibly soft even considering the coating. The coating itself is pretty light and has a pleasant smooth “hand” that doesn’t feel sticky or plastic-y but surprisingly nice on your skin.

If you are wondering about care instructions for jeans like this Bleulab offers you a couple of options – environmentally friendly dry cleaning or “freeze cleaning”. The second method can be done at home in your own freezer and promises to remove bacteria and restore the shape while preserving dyes and special finishes. I will definitely give it a try 🙂

Bleulab with their Reversible Legging in Black Venetian Lace has clearly shown that for them it is not only about the original concept but also about perfect execution. When both are “nailed” you get a great pair of jeans like these!

Bleulab Reversible Legging in Black Venetian Lace is available here.

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