J Brand - Holiday 2013 Looks JBrand-H13-01.jpg

It’s time for the holiday season again – I can’t believe it. For me, it was just summer last week LOL! (maybe I feel this way because I had escaped the cold by running off to Brazil for a couple of weeks!).

J Brand has some really stunning styles in store right now for those of us who are definitely going to need an insane pair of new jeans for a Christmas Dinner with friends and family, Or for that date night out with this guy who we have been pining over for ages! (He finally asked!)

Here is what I found, some of the most exciting and unhinged holiday styles….hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

From top down:

485 Glossed Super Skinny in Metallic Oyster – A super-soft, coated tencel and glossed metallic finish in J Brand’s popular mid-rise super skinny design.

485 Lacquered Super Skinny in Lacquered Pinot – Lending a slight sheen to the 485 super skinny, this slimming silhouette with non-functional pockets is constructed in a polished lacquered tencel for added intrigue.

620 Diffused Super Skinny in Diffused Gold & Diffused Sapphire – J Brand introduces muted metallic hues and an authentic sanded pattern to their classic super skinny, This diffused tencel jean has a high shine coating against a black base for an ultra modern look.

1446 Lacquered Carey in Lacquered Black Quartz – Redesigned with a lacquer finish, the Carey adapts to a new sleek style that combines the femininity of a super soft capri with edgy, moto-inspired fashion.

Pair any of these with a men’s tuxedo jacket and a fitted black silk blouse and you will be the queen of the night!

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J Brand - Holiday 2013 Looks JBrand-H13-06.jpg