BLK DNM - The Tomboy Jean

Brand new for this season, BLK DNM – The Tomboy Jean, is just one more creation of Johan Lindeberg’s New York based cult brand. These jeans are made of a heavier weight denim, 100% cotton, and no stretch – zero – which makes my denim heart do somersaults LOL! It’s not that I don’t like when my jeans have a bit of stretch, I actually do, depending on the style. But the boy jean definitely is not a style to be made of stretchy denim. The whole essence of these jeans is that they should bag out naturally and really look like those jeans guys wear. Stretch out at the right places like the knees and the butt. But I have to say that this stretching out is kind of hard to achieve with this particular jean from BLK DNM. I have worn them a few times already and, nada. They look almost like when I first put them on, just more crinkled and “wrinkled” at the right places. No stretching so far. This said, you can imagine that we are dealing here with highest quality premium denim!

These are the “Jean 11″ and they are available  in a grey stone-wash and black. They also come in 2 lengths, a 32″ and a 34” inseam which is perfect – no hemming needed.

Just let me give you a little styling advice: the leg is tapered, so do not roll them up at the cuff when wearing them with oxfords or flat boots. Let them crunch naturally at the ankle to achieve a real authentic boy look.

You can buy these jeans in grey and in black here.

BLK DNM - The Tomboy Jean

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