Charlie Hunnam in Levi's shirt and 7for all Mankind

Charlie Hunnam in Levi’s and 7 for All Mankind, a shirt and jeans double denim look that did not convince! He was doing some shopping in Beverly Hills and smiling. Not the least bit upset about not being Mr. 50 Shades of Grey?!

The reason why I am not crazy about the look of Charlie’s Levi’s shirt and his 7 for All Mankind baggy jeans is this: I like the way this Levi’s shirt fits Charlie, but otherwise I am not too crazy about this baggy 7 for All Mankind jeans/sneaker look. I KNOW, and all my guy-friends keep telling me, you guys like to feel comfy in your jeans and prefer them baggy rather than skinny. But this look is just soooo un-sexy, helloooo, and wearing those jeans with sneakers doesn’t help either 🙁

7 for All Mankind really has so many skinny, or even straight cut styles that would feel just as comfy AND look cool, too!

It’s like we women wearing our drop crotch or harem jeans for comfort, right – BUT, we actually sacrifice comfort and prefer looking sexy in our skin tight jeans, okay!

You can buy the Levi’s Long Sleeve Barstow Western Shirt here.
And, if you insist, you can find the relaxed 7fAM jeans here!

Charlie Hunnam in  Levi's and 7for all Mankind

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