Denim Street Looks - it's layering time

Denim Street Looks – yeah, it’s layering time again! So who says you can’t wear your denim in the middle of sub-polar temperatures? We say, yes, you can. Check out these street looks I have captured myself just recently in NYC.

Above, you can see Miguel out in Harlem for brunch. He layered his stone washed Levi’s denim jacket with a tee and a yellow cashmere sweater, paired it with the J Brand Kane super skinny raw jeans and a black overcoat and pronto – he’s super trendy, denim clad AND warm!

Below you can see Bianca, working at Topshop. Her idea of wearing her ripped skinny jeans in wintertime is to layer them over leopard tights. BTW, Bianca told me she ripped these jeans herself – Kudos! Stylish, edgy and I bet she’s warm enough to face the cold outside.

Denim Street Looks - it's layering time


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