G-Star Raw Type-C 3D Loose Tapered Jeans - Front View

For this installment I will be reviewing the G-Star Raw Type-C 3D Loose Tapered jeans! Although I am primarily a straight-leg and skinny jeans kind of girl, my love for denim always has me keeping my curious eye out for other different and unique styles. After all, fashion is supposed to be fun and daring! G-Star is one of those brands (along with Diesel) that’s always catching my eye with their unique cuts, washes, and detailing. In many strong ways though, G-Star RAW stands on its own—since their inception in 1989, the brand has pioneered a very unique sector in the premium denim world: raw, untreated denim paired with “architectural and 3D thinking into denim construction,” along with washes ranging anywhere between deep, rich color to extreme bleached. Texture is also a very distinctive factor for brands in the denim world, and this brand has it down to a science, constantly pushing the envelope with each style.

I am a lot more familiar with denim with stretch, as I have a curvier figure which fits those form-hugging styles better, so it was a fun change to try something so different. G-Star RAW’s Type-C 3D Loose Tapered jean is a big-selling style amongst their men’s line, but it has also been reworked to fit into the women’s line as well. I took a 26 in these – my normal size, thinking back to a time when I tried on a very snug pair of G-Star Raw’s skinny jeans in a size 27. With relaxed jeans, I usually size down, but since the skinnies were rather tight in a size higher, I thought I’d stick to my normal size.

My first impression of these jeans when I first got my hands on them was a definite good one. I was at first a little nervous to try such a different style, but the obvious quality and attention to detail grabbed my attention. With well-placed, light fading over the thigh and knee area, and dark indigo whiskering between and above the thighs mixed with a more vibrant blue, I knew some serious thought had been put into the styling of these. Just beautiful! They are labeled “Lt Mazarine Denim,” which I believe refers to that vibrant blue, and the G-Star Raw website explains this color to be inspired by the mazarine butterfly, and it will become more revealed and apparent with age. The fabric is a thick, durable, 100% cotton with no stretch and although high-density, still soft to the touch. The cuffs are pre-wrinkled into well-defined folds and each have a nice clean dart sewn into the inner front to create the inward taper.

G-Star Raw Type-C 3D Loose Tapered Jeans - Side Front View

These G-Star Raw Type-C 3D Loose Tapered jeans had an impressive fit as well! The only other style of cropped relaxed jeans that I’ve ever tried were boyfriend jeans, but these are designed to compliment a woman’s shape a bit more and are definitely a bit more feminine. They have a higher rise, although labeled “regular rise,” which is about an inch below my belly button. The crotch is dropped but not so low that it rubs and becomes annoying, although I do find the front of it to drop a bit low on my frame. I think longer tanks and tops help with this a bit for me, especially with the higher rise. I like the relaxed fit around my hips, however – it’s not so loose that my backside just looks baggy, and the taper and inward curve of the legs is actually more complimenting than I thought it would be. The lower and longer pockets give it a really neat look, and I was a little afraid at first that it would look too masculine. I usually dislike a lot of cropped jean styles because they tend to make me appear stumpier and my knee often stretches out and sags, but the taper with these keeps my legs looking long and the thicker denim has kept its shape and has not sagged out at the knees.

G-Star Raw Type-C 3D Loose Tapered Jeans - Side View

To me, these jeans have an urban feel (hence my chosen location for the photography), but I feel they can be dressed both up or down, for a nice night out or to a rock n’ roll show! I’ve worn them to work with a relaxed, feminine top and the black heels I wore in my review for the AG Stilt Jeans in Rio, to offset the more boyish denim style with something more feminine. Overall, I’m pretty impressed with these jeans, and excited to have such a different, but versatile piece added to my closet that I can experiment with over and over for quite some time.

The G-Star Raw Type-C 3D Loose Tapered jeans can be purchased here.

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