Robin's gold endossed and printed

Today at Intermezzo I freaked out when I visited the [search]Robin’s Jean[/search] booth. So okay, I am a denim head and I love my denim pure, simple and unadulterated, but I really do give credit when I see extraordinary, insane and absolutely stunning jeans that are like screaming….and Robin’s were screaming! – Rockstar, Belle de Nuit, OMG I can’t even begin to explain!

Seriously, I am in love with Robin Chretien and his creative mind (hey, purely platonic, okay!). I know for a fact that he does create each and every single pair of jeans himself. He pays attention to even the smallest details and he ALWAYS comes up with stunning ideas. These few jeans here are just an example of his creativity. No plain coating for Robin, no plain metallic for him either. We have gold jeans that have embossed patterns and gold prints, we have metallic that looks like there were thousands of small pinheads glued on the jeans and we have copper and purple metallics that are sick.

Robin details gold
Robin's purple and copper
Robin's metallic