MQT Denim Poncho

“Denim specialists, [search]MQT[/search] proudly introduce their first all-weather, signature, camo-print denim poncho. Uniquely created from raw camouflage denim fabric with an advanced water repellent finish, this poncho is an essential for all outdoor party people!

Originating from South America, the poncho was used by the military in the early 19th century as protection against the wind and rain. Today the poncho has become an iconic symbol of British festivals. The denim pioneers at ‘MQT‘ have developed the denim poncho to provide maximum protection, to battle through the elements whilst looking as cool as possible! Just as the Parka is to the Mods or the Biker to the rockers, the poncho is the jacket of choice for the hardened festival goer.”

Hey, I can imagine so many other possibilities for this unique poncho – like when I am bicycling, for instance, as this poncho will not hinder my movements. Or wow, how sick!!! To a party where I sure will be THE center of attraction wearing this insane denim poncho! Hope they will sell those here in the US as well?!

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