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Hello all denim lovers,

Denimology has been kind enough to add me to their family of jeaniouses (sorry I had to), and I have never been more excited.  I look forward to joining this dedicated community of jeans lovers and helping men and women navigate the endless sea of men’s denim.

For my first post, I would like to review a pair of jeans that I have been wearing for the past 2 years and can easily win the title of my favorite pair. There will be plenty of time to get to know me and my style philosophy so I will let this post focus on the jeans – my first pair of Nudie Jeans “Grim Tim fit”.

I grew up in Philadelphia, PA and for the past 3 and a half years have been living in Stockholm, Sweden. Everywhere I looked, business meetings, bars, restaurants, I saw denim. Denim in Stockholm is more than just a fashion statement but a way of life and everyone seems to follow the motto “the slimmer, the better”. I swear Swedish citizens receive a pair of Nudie Jeans with their passport! Everyone seemed to own at least one pair from the Swedish born denim brand and I wanted to join the club. Part of Nudie’s mission statement includes; “We don’t just offer jeans.  We offer a way of thinking, a concept, and an undying passion, fueled by the traditions of denim and the characteristics of the fabric itself”.  This philosophy and passion for denim shines true in the pair of Nudie Jeans Grim Tim denim that I will be reviewing.

Before living in Stockholm, I never wore skinny jeans…. but then I walked into Nudie.  As I entered the shop I was faced with a back wall stacked with denim from floor to ceiling.  I scanned the wall trying to understand the different fits and slowly working up the courage to ask for help. The first thing I learned about the Nudie Jeans Grim Tim was that I should go one or two sizes down from my normal 32 waist,  due to the magic stretch that occurs when breaking in denim.  So, I made the walk to the dressing room (which is also a cubicle with a piece of denim as the door) with a size 31 and attempted to fight my way into the jeans.  After some wiggling, adjusting and heavy breathing, I emerged with what would be my favorite pair of jeans for the next 2 years (in a size 31/32).

The beauty of the Nudie Jeans Grim Tim fit is that, well quite simply, they’re perfect.  And, like any fine wine and high-end denim, they just get better with time.  At first, the 31 waist was tight but not uncomfortable.  It only took a few wears for the waist to stretch but still held true to the original fit. The back pockets are deep and situated perfectly with the rise so that you are never sitting directly on your wallet or phone.  The fit and wash of these jeans allows them to be dressed up or down. The Grim Tim hugs tight on the legs but does not restrict movement by any means, thanks to the stretch denim fabric. I’ve run through the city to catch a train, helped friends move apartments and walked my dogs in these jeans with ease.  I consider myself a “denim purist” therefore I rarely wash my jeans, which has allowed the wash to take on a little extra personality and attitude but still maintaining the dark blue hue. Take note, however – the dark washes will bleed onto your underwear.

Bottom line: Whether you are searching for your first pair of skinny jeans or looking to expand your collection, I would highly recommend the Nudie Jeans Grim Tim.  Go with a darker wash so the transition from day to night is seamless.  Also, don’t be afraid to go a size smaller for a fit that will become a second skin. Lastly, it may be a good idea to switch to boxer briefs or briefs when wearing this fit, to avoid the “bunching” that will occur with standard boxers.

I love my Nudie jeans and find myself reaching for these, before sweatpants, on lazy rainy weekends spent on the couch catching up on my favorite shows.

You can buy Nudie jeans here.

Until the next pair,


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