Pippa Middleton In Paige Verdugo Ultra Skinny Jeans

[search]Pippa Middleton[/search] was enjoying a cup of coffee (or was it tea?) in London. She wore a pair of Paige Verdugo ultra skinny jeans paired with an off white Stefanel cable knit sweater.

The Verdugos are one of Paige’s most well known jeans. They are super skinny and fit snug all the way from the hips to the ankle. These jeans also do have an ankle zipper which adds a certain edginess to Pippa’s outfit.

I simply love the idea of having modern and denim clad British royalties and their siblings in England. Enough of hundreds of years of stuffiness!

Jeans: Paige Verdugo Ankle Zip in Supernova, $209.00
Sweater: STEFANEL COLLECTIBLE Sweater, $43.00
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