Boy Jeans R13

If I remember this right, New York cult brand [search]R13[/search] was one of the very first brands to come out with the boy fit jeans – and this about maybe 3 years ago. I remember their very first collection, a few years ago, when all the rave was about Harem jeans, they had already launched a more moderate version of those, and then they did the boy jeans.They call them slouchy skinnies and they have been a staple in their collections since the very first beginning. Needless to say that these are my to-go jeans and honestly, even though they do have a slouchy fit, these jeans are extremely sexy and cool.

You can find them at Barney’s and Shopbop among other upscale retailers.

Boy Jeans R13 - Shopbop

{Here is an example how to wear these jeans in a classic chic way}