Introducing  Yoga jeans

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Yoga Jeans are debuting – well, at least here, at Denimology! Yoga jeans are so much fun to wear, colorful, soft and totally adaptable to all of our activities, be it lounging on your BFF’s sofa, working on your push ups, or simply running around after all your kiddies the whole day! Who needs sweatpants, when you have the option of wearing those Yoga jeans?!

Yoga jeans are produced 100% in Canada and we pride ourselves in democratizing denim, we make a jean for EVERY women, low, mid, high, sky rise,
skinny, straight, bootcut, ankle we’ve got the perfect jean to fit and flatter all your curves.

“Other stretch jeans exist but ours have a 92% memory retention which means no bagging or sagging, they will fit the same way as the first time you tried them on!

“Don’t believe you can actually do yoga in them? Check out the video below… if these girls can flip & fly why cant you?”

You can find the Yoga Jeans here.