A.P.C. x Kanye West Collaboration, 2nd Part

A.P.C. x [search]Kanye West[/search] Collaboration, 2nd Part is happening and we are delighted to show you here an interview video about this collaboration. Being that this is all spoken in French, we tried to translate selected parts for our English speaking readers below.

Kanye West and A.P.C. founder Jean Touitou gave a joint interview on the the French show “Le Grand Journal.” In the interview, the two spoke about working together, the differences between the first Kanye x A.P.C. collection and the upcoming one, and what it was like to sing in a couture Maison Martin Margiela mask. Besides Kanye’s answers, the interview is conducted in French, but we translated the best bits below. However, the best part might be the behind-the-scenes footage of the two working together to create the second season of the collaborative project. (see images below.)

Interviewer: We want to talk about music, fashion, design, architecture. You are an unstoppable global artist — do you agree with that?
Kanye: Yes… I have no other answer other than yes.

Interviewer: Is your love for fashion as strong as your love for music?
Kanye: I just love creating… music, fashion, architecture, art… I’m addicted to dreams. Clothing or stage design or an album, it’s all art projects, and life is art.

Interviewer: We spoke about your first meeting with Jean, did you already know him before that first meeting, did you know his work?
Kanye: [Annoyed] Yes, that’s why I asked to meet him!

Interviewer: Second time you’ve worked together, first collaboration had eight pieces?
Jean Touitou: Yes, it’s much more this time, we are doing much more together. Sometimes I had the difficult task of holding back Kanye’s creativity but we always found a middle-ground.

Interviewer: Kanye has the reputation of being a control freak, did you find this?
Jean Touitou: No. I didn’t find that. What was difficult was that he was working right up to the very, very last minute.

Interviewer: Is it practical to sing in a Margiela mask?!
Kanye: Oh, yeah it’s cool! It helped very much ’cause it gave me the opportunity to perform without being a celebrity.

Jean Touitou: It’s true Kanye is a maximalist, but he is also a minimalist, he’s a mix of the two. It’s like fire and water.
Kanye: You were talking about maximalism and minimalism… I thought that the [Yeezus] album cover is very A.P.C. in that way.

A.P.C. x Kanye West Collaboration, 2nd Part

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