Raw Selvedge Stretch for Women

The Baldwin – Raw Selvedge Stretch for Women is probably the first selvedge jean with the fit of a real skinny jean. Baldwin is a Kansas based brand and all of their jeans are made in the USA.

I was really skeptical when Baldwin offered to send me a perfectly fitting pair of selvedge jeans for women last year. My experience with selvedge for women is that they bag, they stretch and they get totally out of shape. And this not telling about the discomfort of wearing a pair of scratchy jeans!

Oh boy, was I ever in for a surprise! Baldwin sent me the most incredible pair of skinny jeans, sanforized and soft – “The Ten”. AND they were raw selvedge WITH stretch! Incredible, I never believed before this one that I could actually own a pair of skinny selvedge and look sexy and cool at the same time!

It’s been about 6 months now and I have been wearing these jeans on and off for quite a lot of times. I have washed them in cold water only with a tiny bit of detergent and hung them to dry. The look almost like they looked when I received them. The only difference so far is that they have adapted my “personal creases”. They got MY personality now LOL!

I believe that with a couple of more washes, the jeans will start to fade a bit. But they will not ever get baggy or loose their shape.

If you are a denim head chick like me, these are absolutely the jeans for you and you can buy them here.