BLK DNM Jeans 4 in Ridge Mole Grey Full Front
Hi lovahs, Jen here with a review from one of my fave new brands: BLK DNM. Today I’m reviewing the BLK DNM Jeans 4 in Ridge Mole Grey. If you are unfamiliar with the brand, it’s NYC-based and was created in 2011 by the talented Johan Lindberg. Johan is a Swedish-born designer that has worked with successful denim brands: Diesel and William Rast. He was even Justin Timberlake’s personal stylist, so the man knows his stuff when it comes to the fashion. BLK DNM is unlike any other denim brand because you won’t find it sold in department stores. BLK DNM’s main strategy is definitely online. The brand has an edgy vibe and a tomboyish look for the women, but it exudes a sexy feel that is effortless chic. The brand is quite popular among fashion bloggers and celebs —  Rumi Neely and Gisele Bündchen are both fans.
When I first slipped these jeans on I was instantly obsessed. The denim felt like a second skin, but in a good way. The jeans didn’t feel ‘painted on’ and didn’t constrict me. They had great stretch that moved with me and stayed snug through the entire day of wear. The denim is comprised of 91.5%  cotton, 6% polyester, and 2.5% spandex. I loved how the denim hugged my every curve but gave me a streamlined look that was quite flattering.
The rise on these jeans is 9.5″ so a mid-rise style that sits slightly above the hip bones. I’m really loving mid-rise jeans because I love tucking in my shirt and a mid-rise jean makes tucking your shirt in super easy. It stays put! I also feel a mid-rise jean gives off a cleaner, more sophisticated look than a lower rise does. The inseam is a regular which measures to be 32.5″ which I thought was perfect with the ankle zips. You definitely don’t want the inseam to be too short or too long when you have ankle zippers, so the 32.5″ is a happy medium.
The wash of these jeans is grey, but a “pretty” grey — which is an adjective I’ve never really paired with the color grey, but I feel this color is not your typical grey. It almost looks like it has a slight purple or mauve tone mixed in. It’s a rich-looking grey color that has fading throughout.
I’m usually not into denim that has a logo that stands out, but there was something about the black leather square  patch on the back of these jeans that I liked. Often times logos can cheapen a pair of denim, but I felt this black leather patch gave the denim a more expensive feel.
I am back to my size 27 (the size I wore before I was pregnant), but I am wearing a size 28 in these jeans. I’m not sure if a size 27 would’ve been too tight for me, but the size 28 was quite comfortable. Whenever a pair of jeans has a mid or high rise going a size up usually feels the most comfortable for me. BLK DNM has a store in NYC (237 Lafayette) and also a store in Stockholm (Master Samuelsgatan 1), so if you are in either of those cities I recommend stopping in the store to try on some pairs before purchasing. However, this style is available for purchase online at, and
Overall I have to say I can see why BLK DNM has become an instant success in the denim world. The jeans had a luxe feel when I wore them and they made me look and feel amazing — even sexy! Not to mention made my bum look pretty fab, in my opinion. My husband is also a big fan of the way these jeans look on me — which is a plus, of course. All girl’s know if your guy compliments your jeans then you know they look really good. I love a skinny jean like any girl, but there’s something about an ankle zip skinny that elevates any outfit, and this style does just that. Ankle zips add a bit of edge to denim and definitely ups the chic factor (especially when paired with a great pair of heels).
I love these jeans and I’m definitely keeping my eye on this brand. I’m looking forward to trying out some spring and summer styles, as I’m sure they will be just as fab as this style.
If you’re in love with this style and wash and are in NYC definitely visit the store on 237 Lafayette or if you’re in Stockholm you can visit the store on Master Samuelsgatan 1.
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shirt: Old Navy (old, but similar styles HERE)//pumps: MIA Shoes (also buy HERE or HERE) //watch: Michael Kors (also buy HERE or HERE)
BLK DNM Jeans 4 in Ridge Mole Grey Full Back

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