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“Oh, wow”. These were the first words that escaped my mouth when I slipped on the pair of BLK DNM Jeans 5. One leg was enough for me to immediately feel the difference in quality and comfort. I had to check the tag twice to ensure that cashmere wasn’t lining these jeans!

Born from the mind of Johan Lindeberg, BLK DNM was created with the goal of providing high quality denim at affordable prices. If you are not familiar with Johan’s work, he was the genius behind the J. Lindeberg clothing brand and putting Diesel on the map (in my opinion). BLK DNM is a brand and clothing line that provides Mr. Lindeberg complete creative freedom and it seems to be paying off. I had the opportunity to personally visit the BLK DNM store in Stockholm and talk with the amazing staff and was blown away with the full collection and concept. You will be able to hear more about my visit in a future post because right now I have to jump into my review.

For starters, there is plenty of denim in the market that require a “break-in” period. For some guys, this is an initiation into the world of getting the perfect fit. A small sacrifice to pay in order to get the feel and fit you ultimately desire. At the start they may need a little more room in the waist, rub a bit on the thighs or even feel a bit stiff in the knees. You have to wear them for a couple weeks lunging and stretching until the denim gives, and feels great. With the BLK DNM Jeans 5, say goodbye to the break-in period and say hello to instant bliss. From the first minute you button them up, you feel as though you have had these BLK DNM jeans for years. Almost all of BLK DNM’s jeans are made using stretch denim and lends to a supreme fit that stays for days and weeks.

The fit of the BLK DNM Jeans 5 is unbelievable. They fall into the perfect space between skinny and slim fit (yes, there is a difference). When determining your size for the 5 fit go one size smaller than normal and do not be alarmed that the waist still seems a touch too large. I thought this for a brief second because what I have been reading for the last couple years says, “they should be uncomfortable or tight because they will loosen up as you wear them”…..not in this case. When you step back and realize that quality denim and the right cut should be like silk from the moment it touches your skin, you won’t be disappointed. The first time I wore these jeans on my way to work, I actually had to look down to see if I had pants on. I know this may sound like an exaggeration but I promise you it is not (granted it was 06:30 in the morning and I had yet to have a cup of coffee). The point is – BLK DNM Jeans 5 do indeed feel like a second skin but in the best way imaginable. They are soft, fitted and sleek. I felt confident, stylish and even sexy……come on, guys can feel sexy too.

I know it is still early in the official review game, but the BLK DNM Jeans 5 have vaulted up to the top of my list.  You don’t have to date every women to know when you find true love, and I don’t have to try on every pair of jeans to know that my love for BLK DNM Jeans 5 is long-lasting.

Bottom Line: The BLK DNM Jeans 5 should be a staple in your wardrobe. Wear them dressed up, dressed down or with a tee shirt and leather jacket…this will be one of the most versatile pairs of jeans you own. Just keep in mind; Once you go BLK, you will never go back.

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You can buy BLK DNM jeans in their stores or online.

BLK DNM Jeans 5 back

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