Bluer Denim Super Slim 1776 Raw Selvage jeans

When I received my package with the Bluer Denim Super Slim 1776 Raw Selvage jeans I immediately saw what sets this brand apart. Upon opening the package, you see that your jeans have been placed inside a white cotton bag to ensure that the denim stays fresh during shipping. This was a unique touch that sets the stage for the quality and care that went into making these jeans.

Bluer Denim has been part of the Kickstarter craze and prides itself on being 100% American made……and they mean 100%. The cotton is grown in Georgia, woven in North Carolina, designed in Oregon and handcrafted in California. Even the rivets and buttons are made in US, Kentucky to be exact! So American pride runs true in Bluer Denim and they do not sacrifice on quality or details. Bluer stands behind their jeans with such confidence that they offer you a one year warranty on each product. Basically, if your jeans happen to break down with normal wear, you can send it back to Bluer Denim (for free) and they will repair your denim (for free).

This will be my first review of raw or dry denim and I could not be happier in starting with Bluer Denim. I was not sure what to expect with the Super Slim fit. What did Super Slim mean? Would they fit like skinny jeans? The Super Slim fit is slim, not skinny, and both comfortable and flattering. When talking about raw denim, some will tell you to buy a size larger than normal because they will shrink with the first wash (which shouldn’t be for at least 6 months). However, with the Bluer Denim Super Slim 1776 Raw Selvage jeans, you can buy true to size because the jeans are “sanforized”. “Sanforized”, in simple terms, is a way of treating and working with the denim before construction that prevents shrinkage upon washing. What is means in reality is that you don’t have to worry about wearing larger jeans for 6 months!

The idea behind raw denim is that they should be worn – and worn all the time. The more you wear them the more soul and character they will develop. In order to make this possible, the jeans have to be comfortable and look great not only on day one but on day 90. So far, the Bluer Denim Super Slim 1776 Raw Selvage jeans achieves this exact goal. I have worn these jeans for three days now and they are well on their journey of gaining a lot of character. I would say that the fit is more of a ‘slim straight’ as they have a little more room at the knee and below than other super slim or skinny pairs. As a result, I think this jean could be worn by everybody. Regardless of your build, I think this fit would work to keep you up to date in the denim world while not going too far outside your comfort zone in the way of slimmer fits. I had no problem sitting in these jeans during a two hours meeting, one hour car drive or taking my dogs for a walk in the rain. They are just a pair of jeans that you will want to wear all the time and beat the crap out of, to achieve the type of personal fading and marks only raw denim can give you.

Aside from the great fit, look and feel of the Bluer Denim Super Slim 1776 Raw Selvage jeans, it is the small details that make you feel like each pair was made with great care. The the red, white and blue ribbon inside the waistband make it easy to hang your jeans to dry or in a locker at the gym. The personalized number tag is just another way to show the uniqueness of your jeans. It also play a key role in the warranty agreement Bluer offers it’s customers. One other detail that I love is the red stitch that run up along the inside seam of the leg. When you turn up the hem with a simple fold, the small pop of color brought a smile to my face. Just another great detail that proves Bluer Denim does take extreme pride and thinks about everything with the Super Slim 1776 Raw Selvage jeans.

Bottom Line: The Bluer Denim Super Slim 1776 Raw Selvage jeans are a perfect way to introduce yourself into the world of raw denim. A comfortable universal fit that can keep you in the slimmer fit world without the need to change as soon as you get back home. Perfect for summer barbeques, fall hikes through the woods or sitting at the office. You will never have to worry about ruining these jeans because, as I mentioned before, chicks dig scars and these jeans should get a lot of them. Wear them with rugged boots or casual shoes and your fashion sense will never be questioned. Don’t forget to give a nice fold or two at the bottom and showcase the selvage details.

I will keep everyone updated with how this pair of raw denim wears as the weeks pass, so keep checking back to Denimology!

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Until the next pair,

You can buy your Bluer Denim Super Slim 1776 Raw Selvage jeans, and no worries – they offer you free shipping and free return and you can order several sizes and return the ones that don’t fit. AND – how insane is this – they will only charge you after you tell them what jeans you are keeping!

Bluer Denim Super Slim 1776 Raw Selvage jeans

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  1. Very nice jeans, and very well priced too especially for the quality of material and workmanship. I tried on a pair yesterday and they did fit and feel very well, almost as well as my Naked and Famous (Weird Guy cut). In the end, I decided to stick with my favourite jeans, but I came very close to cheating on them.

    • Great feedback, thank you for contributing. I have yet to try the Naked and Famous jeans but agree with you on the quality of the Bluer. I am about 10 wears in and they are still keeping the original shape. Thanks for following!

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