Citizens of Humanity Hutton Wide Leg in Palais Royal - Front View

Hey denim-heads! Today I will be reviewing the Citizens of Humanity Hutton Wide Leg in Palais Royal. It’s been quite some time since I found a pair of jeans that weren’t of the straight or skinny type that I really thought could possibly bust me out of my happy little slim-fitting bubble. Most bootcuts, flares, wide-legged, and other non-skinny styles generally tend to make me feel more frumpy unless I balance them out with a tighter-fitting top, and it was always hard for me to find the right length. Skinnies always seem to work no matter how long they are! One jean in my collection is the Kelly Bootcut from Citizens of Humanity. While I absolutely love the way they fit around my hips and waist without a belt, I found them to be a bit looser than I usually prefer from right above the knee down. I also have a pair of the Ava Straight Leg jeans from this brand. I love the fit from the thigh down, but the waistband requires a belt on my frame! When I had the chance to review Citizens of Humanity, the brand sent me a pair on their own. I didn’t know what to expect, but I was excited to be surprised, as I could always see the great potential in this brand for my body type.

Citizens of Humanity ended up gracing me with the Hutton Wide Leg in a size 25 (I had told them I am a 26 in the Ava and a 25 in the Kelly) in a BEAUTIFUL dark wash mixed with lighter, more vibrant blue highlights. When I pulled these out of the box at first, I didn’t notice how amazingly detailed the wash really is, and it became the most apparent when I wore them outside under the sun for this photo shoot! I was excited to try a different style, but was slightly nervous about the wider leg style (I previously thought they only looked great on thin, tall models) and the smaller size. When I put them on, not only was I impressed with the fabric, but also the cut! The fabric is a very soft, thin but sturdy mix of 74% Cotton 24% Polyamide 2% Elastane, and it stretched out to hug me just right with a 9” rise. They weren’t very wide legged at all, but more like a very fitted, thin flare style that was skinny all the way down to the knee with a 21.5” leg opening. VERY flattering! As for the inseam, which is 35”, I initially thought about having them hemmed (I’m 5’6” and usually prefer a 32” or 33” inseam), but I realized they might have an amazing lengthening effect if I wore them with tall heels, and I wasn’t wrong. They have a cute, wider hem at the bottom, the back pockets are placed just in the right spot for a lifting effect and I love the lengthening look when they fit over tall boots or heels, especially on my more athletic frame. I felt like one of those tall, thin models!

Citizens of Humanity Hutton Wide Leg in Palais Royal - Back Angle View 2

I’m usually not all that into displaying high rises (I like the feel and fit, but often hide the waistband under a long shirt) but these look awesomely That 70s Show with the whole rise of the jean exposed with a cropped shirt (which is actually just a chambray shirt from Old Navy that I tied at the bottom!) instead of a tight, long top that I’d normally pair with bootcut or flare styles. I’ve worn these jeans for at least five days now (I’m already obsessed!) and I’m glad I was sent a size 25. They haven’t stretched out all that much, but they’ve certainly given in the right places and molded to me very well without sagging or feeling restricting.

I have to say I feel I’ve been born again in the world of denim…there is a lot more in the world beyond skinny and straight jeans – you just have to find the right combination of fit, length, fabric and maybe even the wash, and I think the Citizens of Humanity Hutton Wide Leg in Palais Royal fits that bill! Since these have such a slim and flattering fit, I think these will work with a wider range of wardrobe items – from long to short to flowy to fitted. I plan to have a lot more fun with these!

You can purchase the Citizens of Humanity Hutton Wide Leg in Palais Royal here!

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