More Coterie Denim Impressions

{MOTHER denim}

Here are more Coterie Denim impressions. It’s what you will find in stores this spring and summer.
OMG, so much denim, so many beautiful jeans! I had a real hard time deciding which jeans to post about. In the end, I went with the brands that are probably less well known, or making a come-back. But I also wanted to include some of the “famous” ones…. so have fun and enjoy and start planing your summer denim!

BTW – if you want to see ALL the denim I was able to check out, go to our Denimology Facebook page, or Instagram – denimologydotcom.

More Coterie Denim Impressions

{Australian brand Some Day Lovin’ really deserves a lot of lovin’!}

More Coterie Denim Impressions

{Remember Parascuo? well, the good news is that they are baaaack!}


{Swedish brand Strom is here to stay!}

More Coterie Denim Impressions

{we are all wild about Wildfox!}


{Rta – definitely a brand to watch}

Earnest Sewn men slevedge

{yep, Earnest Sewn is baaack and with many surprises, and yes, they do have rad women’s jeans, too}