Debby Ryan in a Joe's Denim Jacket

Debby Ryan in a Joe’s Denim Jacket looked really cute. She wore the jacket over a floral jumper dress. She was having a great time at the Abercrombie & Fitch “The Making of a Star” Spring Campaign Party.

Denim jackets are a staple in all of us denim lover’s closet. We probably have them in all kinds of washes and styles. But I have to say that almost all of the denim jackets somehow seem to be cropped. This style is cute and girlish, I agree. But the problem is that it doesn’t do much to keep us warm around our waist. I so prefer longer denim jackets. Normally, I always wear the men’s, because they are longer. BUT they also come with the bulk around the shoulders and the sleeves are just huge. So this oversized Joe’s Dolman jacket solves all the problems. It is longer and without the bulging sleeves.

You can buy the Joe’s Dolman jacket here.

Debbie Ryan in a Joe's Denim Jacket