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DL1961 Grace High Rise Straight Jean in Moscow Review

DL1961 Grace High Rise Straight Jean in Moscow Review
DL1961 Grace High Rise Straight Jean in Moscow, Front View 2

Hello again! It’s [search]Lana[/search] here for another review right out of sunny San Luis Obispo, California! Today I’ll be reviewing the DL1961 Grace High Rise Straight Jean in Moscow. As I’m sure it’s pretty apparent by now, I’m always happy to represent the curvier or more athletic body types amongst our readers, as it is always tougher to find denim styles that can fit us without needing a belt. When I was given the opportunity to review DL1961, I knew it would be a great chance to continue this focus. DL1961 is best known for their form-fitting 4-way XFIT lycra stretch fabric that “instantly slims, tones and lifts all while providing an excellent fit, comfort and feel” without stretching or bagging out over multiple washes. Score! When I had the chance to pick out a style and wash, I noticed that several washes were made from another type of fabric, dlpro, which is environmentally friendly because it uses half the amount of processing time, using less dyes, water, and energy. This fabric is also 50% more absorbent than cotton, making it awesome for warm weather, and it’s crafted with ProModal fibers that give it its rich color and silky feel. Being the environmentally-conscious person that I am, and knowing the growing awareness of this concern, I chose the Grace high-rise straight-leg in one of these great eco-friendly washes, called Moscow, for this review. Since DL1961 jeans have amazing fabric retention and don’t stretch out, I went with my normal size of 26.

The claim that this environmentally friendly fabric allows for more vibrant washes follows through – this wash is beautiful! In the initial photos that I was shown, I was impressed with the vibrant and defined whiskering above the thighs, but seeing this in person is something else. It was also pretty difficult to really see what the wash looked like online, since this vibrant color is apparently difficult to accurately pick up in photos. Every instance of it that I found online from various shops looked different. But when I had the jeans in hand, I could see why – indoors, almost the entire wash looks like a dark, concentrated, rich blue, but outside, the sun hits it just right to make the faded areas on the thighs to stand out as a bright, vibrant blue! It really is pretty against the darker, richer blue. The fabric is also very thin and stretchy in all directions, but durable feeling, and almost silky to the touch – unlike any other jean I own. I couldn’t wait to try these on!

DL1961 Grace High Rise Straight Jean in Moscow, Side View

I was right when I picked these out for a curvy style. DL1961‘s style with “curvy” in the name is the Coco, but I really wanted to try out the Moscow wash which came in the Grace. Reviews online of the Grace from curvy customers were positive so I knew it would fit in the same category. Really though, most of the brand’s styles are meant for shapely bodies. The high rise is really only 8.75” in the front and 13.5” in the back, so don’t let the fear of the “mom jeans” concept scare you away – this rise is perfect! It fits completely over my hips to keep the jeans from slipping down, and the 4-way stretch conforms to every curve. My only concern was that for my body type, I feel the waistband could maybe have been a little tighter because of the high stretch (the dlpro fabric is made up of 64% ProModal, 34% Polyester, 2% Lycra), but it doesn’t gap anywhere and I was still impressed by how well the jeans stayed up despite my smaller waist in proportion to my hips. I don’t think sizing down would have been a good idea, because a tighter fit would probably have missed the point of the amazing comfort of these jeans. Over several days of wear (I couldn’t take these off, seriously, they are SO comfortable!!), they did loosen up a very, very tiny bit, but only enough to conform to my body shape. They never bagged out at all. I did find myself pulling them up a little bit a few times a day but I think that’s only because of how soft and silky they are – however, it still didn’t warrant the need for a belt and it really doesn’t bother me that much at all. I still wear these almost every day! The inseam is 34” which in a bootcut would be too long for my 5’6” frame, but I really like the length in this style, as they neatly sit over a bootie or heel in a cute little scrunch.

The DL1961 Grace High Rise Straight Jean in Moscow is a definite go both in fit and for styling – in this review, I dressed them up a bit (as I’ve worn them for a night out a few times), but I wear them a lot to work with a more casual ensemble (happy to have a job that lets me wear jeans to work!!) and they still just have a way of making it look like I dressed up anyway. The wash is nice and dark for the fall and winter months but the fabric is breathable and absorbent which makes it perfect for summer as well, so it’s nice to have a jean that works for all outfits as well as all seasons! DL1961 has me as a new fan, and I cannot wait to explore this brand more!

The DL1961 Grace High Rise Straight Jean in Moscow can be purchased here.

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