G-Star and Pharrell Williams - Ocean Plastic Denim

G-Star and Pharrell Williams – Ocean Plastic Denim is an amazing new G-Star collaboration. I was invited to this launch at the American Museum of Natural History. Hence my cute little photo-shopping of Mr. Dinosaur above! It was an impressive event. They had several environmental experts speaking about the importance of preserving the ocean, and one of them that really impressed me was Captain Paul Watson. He is a Canadian environmental activist, who founded the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, a direct action group focused on marine conservation.

To sum it up: No water, no life. Makes sense, right!

About this collaboration:

The collaboration is a creative exploration, where Bionic Yarn and G-Star joined forces to innovate denim. Together they will create a collection made with recycled materials from the oceans in stores from August 2014. In addition to the joined seasonal collections, G-Star will integrate Bionic Yarn material into existing product lines.

Speaking on the collaboration Pharrell Williams comments: “Working with G-Star was an obvious choice, because they have a legacy of pushing the boundaries of fashion and denim. Bionic Yarn is a company built around performance, and denim is the perfect category to show the world what Bionic Yarn can do. Everyone has jeans in their closet.”

Driven by its design philosophy ‘Just the Product’, G-Star focuses on the continued reinvention of modern craftsmanship, 3D denim innovation and new materials. G-Star CMO, Thecla Schaeffer says: “G-Star has always been driven by innovation, and by integrating Bionic Yarn into our collection we’re taking the next step in creating denim for the future.”

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