Hilary Duff rocks a pair of Joe's Vintage Reserve Jeans

Hilary Duff rocks a pair of Joe’s Vintage Reserve Jeans – my absolute fave wash! I have been in love with the Joe’s Vintage Reserve Jeans ever since I first saw them at the Coterie trade show some 2 years ago. This collection is made of a heavier weight denim and has no stretch. The wash of the jeans reminds me so totally of a vintage wash, this is why they named this line “Joe’s Vintage Reserve”. It is – what I call – pure, gorgeous denim. Besides the skinny ankle jeans Hilary is wearing here, the Joe’s Vintage Reserve line also come in a “high water” slouchy style – yeah yeah yeah – my fave style, I know that you know LOL!

You can buy the Joe’s Vintage Reserve jeans here.