Introducing Mott & Bow for Men

Introducing Mott & Bow for Men here @Denimology. This is a brand located in the US that aims to give the guys premium denim for under $100. Sound good, doesn’t it. Alejandro Chahin, owner and designer of Mott & Bow tells us what this brand is all about:

“We are providing the $200 jean the consumer is used to at $96. We focus on quality both in the sourcing of the fabric, the manufacturing, and the dry and wet finishing processes (+30 year of expertise). We are a brand made for guys [who] want to look good but don’t want to try too hard. Therefore, simplicity in the design and subtle aesthetics. Our approach is showing our consumers the behind-the-scenes of premium jean making. We are calling this Denim Science.

My family has been in the denim business for over 30 years now. Having grown up in this environment, I knew jeans in and out. I understood what makes denim premium and its cost structure. The four critical components are the denim fabric, the wash, the fit, and wholesale to retail markup. So with Mott & Bow we decided to exceed expectations in the components that truly matter, which are the fabric, washes, and fit. And we decided to eliminate the one that creates no value add, the wholesale to retail markup by selling direct to consumer via e-commerce.

We started by getting the denim (all great jeans start with superb denim fabric) from the best mills in the world, located in Turkey. We decided that everything in the laundry, also known as the dry and wet finishing processes, should be handcrafted to deliver a natural looking product. One thing we are doing differently than other brands is really focusing on the art behind these processes. We will be educating the consumer on what happens behind the scenes in the laundry via our Denim Science theme.

It’s no mystery that sizing is a big question on peoples’ minds when buying a brand for the first time. To eliminate the friction, we came up with an additional size home try-on program. Our customers pay for one size and are automatically allowed to choose a second size for free. The customer gets both sizes in the package with a prepaid return label inside. Which ever size fits him best he keeps, the other he returns to us at no cost to him”.

I truly believe this to be a great concept, as it eliminates the endless try on/return/exchange/try on again process.

You can buy your Mott & Bow jeans online here.

Introducing Mott & Bow for Men
Introducing Mott & Bow for Men


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