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I was quite happy when I found out that I would be reviewing the J Brand Mick jeans. To be honest, this was my first experience with J Brand men’s denim line. Anyone who spends two minutes on Denimology can see that J Brand has made their mark and reputation with women’s denim, so this was an excellent time to start introducing the men’s denim into the mix.

J Brand started their men’s line in 2008 and since that time have introduced about four fits into the market. The J Brand Mick jeans are the brand’s newest fit and takes inspiration from the custom jeans worn by Mick Jagger. I know that you might be picturing skin tight jeans on extremely skinny legs, but don’t let that scare you away from trying the Mick fit. They are just inspired by the rock star, not modeled after.

The J Brand Mick jeans are a skinny jean in every sense of the word but created with such high craftsmanship that you will not have to grease yourself up to put them on. The Mick fit is a great compromise between tight and skinny fit jeans. They do feel tight (used in a positive way) on the hips and thighs but not on the knees and calves. This results in a comfortable pair of jeans that can be worn all day without preventing you from moving around quickly. I’m sure the stretch denim used helps the jeans stay in place, keep their shape and prevent the need for sucking in to button them up. In addition, the Mick fit creates a fantastic silhouette that makes you look longer and taller (in my opinion). What I really liked about the Mick fit was that they fell at a great spot on my waist. The fit feels like a low rise but not low enough that I was revealing the dreaded “plumber’s crack” when I bent over to tie my shoes. J Brand also does a fantastic job with minimizing the bulk or flashy labels on these darker slimmer jeans. You will not find a big leather patch on the back or crazy stitching on the pockets, showing that J Brand stands by their mission to make classic, sophisticated and clean styles for every man.

One key point to understand when venturing into the J Brand Mick jeans, they do not come in various inseams. This means that on a 32 inch waist, the inseam is set at 34 inches. My typical size is a 32/32 so the length was a bit longer than my normal pair of jeans. However, the length did give me a few different options when it came to styling.  Try rolling up the bottom and wearing them with oxfords or Vans, or keep them longer and pair with a taller Chelsea boot or Desert boot. The 13.5 inch opening helps to create a great “bunching effect” at the bottom with a cool rocker vibe Jagger himself would be proud of. Of course, you can opt to drop them off at your nearest tailor and bring up the hem so you can wear them anywhere at anytime. Before trying on these jeans, I would have thought that the third option would be what I would advocate for everyone. Now, after wearing them around, I am leaning toward keeping them longer and rocking the cooler side of the jeans.

Bottom line: The J Brand Mick jeans will make an impact in the men’s denim market. The fit helps create a slick silhouette which can work for many average or slimmer body types. You might not reach for these if you are having a “fat day” or making your way to an all you can eat buffet, but can work for many other occasions. If you get them in a darker wash, like the raw stretch I reviewed, they can quickly replace your black dress pants for Saturday night dinners or dinner parties. The Mick fit will keep you cool and comfortable all evening. Depending on how you wanted to wear them, it might be a good idea to get the bottom hemmed so you can keep up the clean sophisticated image.

You can buy the J Brand Mick jeans in raw stretch here.

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