YAY! Joe’s Spring/Summer 2014 Ad Campaign just makes our NYC cab rides much more fun!

The Ad campaign will be hitting NYC Taxi TVs in celebration of Fashion Week. The campaign theme, “Just a Perfect Day,” features strong-minded, independent men and women who are throwing convention out the window to follow their hearts with no regrets or apologies. What if your definition of a perfect day was changing plans on your wedding day and running out wearing your favorite jeans under your wedding dress, or the morning of the walk of shame?

It is through this campaign that Joe’s poses a modern challenge for anyone determined to write his or her own story unencumbered by societal standards and opinions. “What’s Your Perfect Day?” #JustAPerfectDay

The campaign’s creative direction and photography are by Marie Noorbergen with videography by Tao Ruspoli and Marie Noorbergen. The video is set to original music by French singer, Soko, featuring her unreleased song “Bad Poetry” and stars Barbara Fialho, Julia Gonchanrenko, and Cheyne Hannigan.

You can check out the women’s Weekend Collection here and the men’s here.

Joe's Spring/Summer 2014 Ad Campaign