Kendall Jenner - How to layer in a Joe's dress Jacket

Kendall Jenner – Layers in a Joe’s dress Jacket – done right!

We love that Kendall is wearing two jackets and a vest in this photo. Hey, it’s cold as heck outside right now! Obviously she looks perfect — not a hint of bulkiness despite all the layers. Find out how you can score the layered look for less below!

1. Start your layering party with a thinner trench coat. That way there’s plenty of wiggle room for adding more coats on top!

2. The denim dress jacket breaks up an otherwise super fashion-y look with a cool touch of grunge.

3. Adding more sleeves at this point would just be crazy, so finish off the layering with a fur vest. It adds extra warmth without making your arms totally immobile!

Jacket: Joe’s Vintage Reserve dress Jacket
Fur vest: Mural Shaggy Faux Fur Vest
Trench coat: VIA SPIGA Short Wool Blend Trench Coat