Koral - White Leather for Spring 2014

Koral – White Leather for Spring 2014, when I saw this at Bloomingdale’s, I was stunned! We are really going to enter a whole new leather “era”! Out with the black and dark colored leather and in with the white and colored leathers! I know, this isn’t the cheapest or most practical thingie for you to own. But what the heck, we do need to be splurging sometimes. And for me, when it comes to splurging, it’s like I like to do it well! 😉

Meaning that if I am going to have one splurge item in my spring wardrobe, to hell with all the practical and “useful” and “can I wear this a lot” considerations. I am going to own something that is outstanding. Like a Haute Couture dress maybe – hey! How many times did you actually wear that expensive evening gown you bought for that dinner party?!

All this said, I am sure you understand where I am going. This white leather outfit sure is not the most sensible choice, it is an insane choice! It is stunning and outstanding and perfect for that special date. So enjoy it, and don’t think too much!

You can buy the Koral Olympia Leather Biker Jacket at Bloomie’s now, and the Phoebe Leather Multizip Skinny leather jeans will be available within the next few weeks.