We are excited to share The Story of Mavi – Mavi Factory Video with our readers! Have you ever wondered what goes into making the pair of jeans you’re wearing right now?

Mavi invites you for an insider’s look into Mavi’s “Denim Kitchen”. You can get an exclusive view into the world of denim creation.

The Story of Mavi – Mavi factory video takes us inside Mavi’s workshop. It allows viewers to find out how a classic 5-pocket jean is made. The emphasis is on creating the perfect fit. This is obtained by using quality fabric finishing with sophisticated and innovative detailing.

Lifestyle, freedom, love, joy, adventure and passion go into the making of every Mavi jean!

Mavi, which means “blue” in Turkish, is known for high quality, great fitting and fashion-forward premium denim that not only fits the bodies of its customers, but their lifestyles as well.

You can check out the Mavi men’s lookbook here, and the women’s here on Denimology.
And you can buy your Mavi’s here.