Wrangler Australia - Fall/Winter 2014  Ad Campaign

Wrangler Australia unveiled their Fall/Winter 2014 Ad Campaign. The campaign was shot by Bec Parsons and styled by Caterina Scardino, featuring international models Lara Mullen and Keno Weidner.

We all know already that Wrangler Australia, and also Wrangler Europe, are quite different from our very own American Wranglers. Point is that these are so much more fashionable and funky as opposed to the American Wrangler, which stopped developing their styles and washes sometime in the last century LOL! Isn’t it weird that we Americans have to travel abroad to find some “true American” jeans? 😉

About this Campaign:

Grunge and the isolated, idealistic wilderness it was born from. A generation of free spirited, fed up, and fired up iconoclasts who channeled a counter culture of creativity. If not the Cobains, then Empire Records’ band of misfits—whoever the firebrand, always the devil-may-care attitude and a hammering away of the veneer of ‘fitting in’.”

This season, Wrangler jumps on the open road to wherever the mainstream is not – to nature. Letting photographer Bec Parsons and her talent of Lara Mullen and Keno Weidner showcase a stripped-back collection, celebrating freedom and the beating of their own path.

Wrangler Australia - Fall/Winter 2014  Ad Campaign

You can find the Wrangler Australia collection online.
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