YOGA Jeans High Rise Skinny in Chestnut - Front View 3

Hello all! Lana here again from San Luis Obispo, California, with a review for Second Clothing‘s YOGA Jeans High Rise Skinny in Chestnut. Amongst all the denim trends that come and go every year, colored jeans is one that always makes a comeback, and they are just so fun to style when you need a break from the standard and want to add a pop of color! YOGA Jeans are from Canadian brand Second Clothing, which was born in 2000, and are made 100% in Canada. They are known to retain their shape and are offered for all body types! Second is always searching around the globe for the best fabrics and trends to keep the highest quality denim as possible, and each garment is individually hand-worked (rubbed, distressed, etc) to give each of them a unique feel. In addition, each jean is washed in silicone for extra comfort to behave like a second skin! When I was given the opportunity to review YOGA Jeans, I was excited to get to know a relatively new brand and help get their name out! I have been looking for a cute pair of mustard colored skinnies for awhile, so I jumped on the Chestnut color. I also took my usual size of 26.

These jeans arrived when I was at work, and my husband had the day off. He was just as excited as I would have been to open the package! He texted me saying they had a thick but soft, cowhide-like texture, and also thought they looked rather small! When I got home though, they slipped on perfectly, and definitely felt like a second skin but without being constricting. We were both impressed. At 81% Cotton, 16% Polyester, 3% Spandex, the stretch on the YOGA Jeans High Rise Skinny in Chestnut was done right! The fabric definitely does have a thicker but super soft feel, and they are very comfortable. They move with me, living up to their name! The Chestnut color is a perfect toned-down, dark yellow or gold color and fits with almost anything in my closet. These jeans have faux pockets, which I like, so I don’t have to keep stuffing them down every time I put the jeans on. I also really like the 9.5” high rise. I’ve noticed, with all the reviews I’ve done for Denimology so far, that “high rise” seems to no longer be something to be afraid of in the denim world. I used to be more of a low-rise person, fearing the dreaded “mom jeans” look as many others do. However, I noticed there were very few of those low-rise jeans that fit me without a belt. These jeans have a rise that hits right below my belly button, making them fit over my high hip bones and hugging my curves without budging! At first the jeans were snug (but again, not restricting) but over just a day of wear they stretched a little bit to fit me just right. Since then, they’ve gotten a lot more wear over several more days, and they haven’t stretched any more and still fit without bagging, sagging, or needing a belt, as the brand promises! I truly believe these will fit all body types, as they snap right back to a skinnier fit as soon as I take them off. They are really stretchy (without being too “jegging” like)! I was given the choice of the 34” or 30” inseam, and although I love skinnies that scrunch at the bottom, I thought these would make great ankle jeans, so I took the 30” and am really happy with my choice. They hit right at my ankles (I am about 5′ 6”) and fit perfectly in tall boots.

YOGA Jeans High Rise Skinny in Chestnut - Side View

As far as styling goes, I’m having way too much fun with the YOGA Jeans High Rise Skinny in Chestnut. I think I now have a new use for the black fedora shown in these photos that I bought awhile ago for a music event and haven’t worn since, and I’ve also paired these jeans with tall black boots for a night out. I love the mustard color, being dark, simple and neutral enough to fit with almost anything. So far I’ve only worn mostly neutrals with them (white, grey or black) but I found darker colors, like a soft dark royal blue button-down I got from Old Navy, look great as well. I know I’ve got many more possibilities in my wardrobe and can’t wait to try them (I think a dark maroon top I have would be awesome)! These are versatile enough to go from day to night and at $120, they are more affordable than most premium jeans of this quality are out there. I give YOGA Jeans five stars!

You can check here to find out where to buy your very own YOGA jeans.

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