7 For All Mankind Paxtyn Tapered Skinny in No Fade Black jeans

7 For All Mankind (7FAM) has a loyal following among a group of my friends, so for me it is not my first experience with the brand. However, it was not always easy to find 7 For All Mankind jeans once I moved to Stockholm. It was not until about two years ago 7FAM opened it’s own store in the heart of the city. So I approached my review of the 7 For All Mankind Paxtyn Tapered Skinny in No Fade Black jeans with high expectations. Let me tell you that I was not disappointed.

7 For All Mankind first introduced the Triple Black denim for the holiday season last year. The highlight is that the “Triple Black Fabric stays vivid black even after 40 home washes. This is achieved through a special multi-faceted process; starting with the construction of the fabric (black weft and black warp) and garments finishes that include a special black dye process that is applied to the fabric.” In short, these jeans are made to stay black and vibrant after a heck of a lot of washes. If true, this is an amazing breakthrough for black denim. The biggest reason I steered clear of black jeans before was the fading that occurred which resulted in a dull and boring finish sometimes after just one wash. So I was ready to put the 7 For All Mankind Paxtyn Tapered Skinny in No Fade Black jeans (whew that was a mouthful) to the test.

First up, sizing. I went with my normal size, 32 waist, and now know that I should have gone a size smaller for an ideal fit. The size 32 fits great, but I feel these jeans were made to be worn skinny and that would be fully achieved with the smaller size. Even with that said, I could immediately tell that all the proportions for a great fit are there with these jeans. The waist hits you at a great spot, perfect rise to tuck in a button down shirt and not have to worry about it coming untucked as you move throughout the day. The slimness through the thighs leaves no extra fabric to bunch up around the crotch or knees. The slim leg openings make it perfect to lay on the top of your shoes or put a quick small cuff at the bottom as I did. I always tend to opt for a shorter hem because I like to reveal a bit of colorful sock surprise. The Paxtyn fit is also made with stretch denim which makes it easy to wear and even easier to grab your keys or phone from the pockets.

The beauty of the 7 For All Mankind Paxtyn Tapered Skinny in No Fade Black jeans is they can be worn out anywhere. I will admit, I am a bit clumsy at times when it comes to eating on-the-go or just about anywhere. With these jeans it doesn’t matter; go to the club, go to the bar, go to the park do anything. If a drink is spilled, some grease from a late night pizza falls onto your jeans or you hang out in a smoke filled room, have no fear. When you get home (or let’s be honest, the next morning) throw your jeans in the wash and pull out a fresh clean pair that still looks and feels brand new. If life happens, wash it off.

Finally, what kind of review would this be if I didn’t actually wash the jeans at least once before giving my honest feedback? One of the biggest selling points, as it says in the name, is that these jeans are “No Fade”. So, I threw them in the washer, set the timer for 35 minutes and waited. So, the result? So far so good! I can see absolutely no change to the vibrant rich black wash of the jeans. Amazing. Now of course, that was just one wash but I am confident now that I can throw these in the wash whenever life happens and not have to worry about ruining your nice new pair of great jeans. Thank you 7 For All Mankind for finally putting out a pair of black denim that stays true.

Bottom Line: Go a size smaller than your normal size as the cut and stretch will allow for plenty of comfort right off the rack. These are made to be worn skinny and you should embrace the fit appropriately. Wear these every night of the week and don’t worry about spills or smells because you can wash these whenever you want without losing the original dark rich black color. The 7 For All Mankind Paxtyn Tapered Skinny in No Fade Black jeans can also replace your plain black slacks when heading off to work without compromising any dress code. Just be careful, as with any black or dark pants, these jeans tend to attract animal fur. I have two dogs running around the apartment so I always keep a lint roller by the door and give a quick “once over” before heading out.

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You can buy the Paxtyn Tapered Skinny in No Fade Black online, or in any of the 7 for All Mankind stores.

7 For All Mankind Paxtyn Tapered Skinny in No Fade Black jeans

Additional note: The brand will also be launching the Triple Blue program for the Spring 2014 season and will have similar characteristics as the triple black program, including an exclusive to 7FAM finish, added to the fabric to seal in the color.

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  1. Awesome post, Dusty, really great job! As for the lint problem it is easily solved with Static Guard. My hubby has the Triple Black jacket and it was too attracting lint. I treated it with the anti-static spray and it fixed it. I use this trick for all of my black jeans too.

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