Agave Delgada in Manhattan Stretch - Front View

Hola everyone, Lana here with an Agave Delgada in Manhattan Stretch Review! I was really excited about this one. I was first introduced to Agave in 2007 at my last job at an e-commerce company when I helped design and build a website for them! The brand was also available in a local boutique that I designed collateral for (store posters, display signs, newspaper ads, etc), where I picked up their well-known La Sirena bootcut style and immediately fell in love with how soft they were (like denim sweatpants!). I was excited to get back in touch with the same contacts at Agave that I was in touch with when I designed their website, and to get a chance to revisit them with their new denim line. Agave, in my opinion, is one of the best denim brands out there, and although they’ve been around for awhile, they still don’t seem to get as much attention as True Religion or 7 For All Mankind does, and they should! The brand was founded in 2002 in Santa Monica, California by Jeffrey Todd Shafer, under the moniker of “West Coast Luxury.” All product is designed in Portland and manufactured in California with sustainability in mind…Agave proudly supports organizations like the Surfrider Foundation and The Sierra Club, and also partners with Tesla Motors.

Agave was awesome enough to send me two samples, one of the Delgada in Manhattan Stretch and one in the darker Gemstone Stretch rinse wash, both in my normal size of 26 as determined by the measurements on their size chart. I had originally selected the Gemstone Stretch but I’m glad that I had the chance to try two on because I found the Delgada in Manhattan Stretch to be a lot softer, better fitting and more comfortable. The wash is a beautiful vibrant blue, or a “buttery soft indigo shade” as the brand describes them, with a vintage feel and look–the jeans are hand-sanded to a lighter blue around belt loops and seams to give a nice worn-in look. It’s really a wash you have to see in person, as it looks like a more faded gray blue on Agave’s website. I love how basic these jeans are…easy to pair with anything in my wardrobe, and they are incredibly soft with an Italian mill, 9oz – 90% cotton, 6% EME, 4% elastane blend. They are super stretchy, and I at first thought I could have maybe gone a size down, but I think it would have negated the comfort factor if I did so I think the 26 is perfect…I’d say stick with your true size. They hug in all the right places and have a nice classic rise of 8.5” to keep them in place, with a 32” inseam for that cute scrunched look at the ankles and an 11” leg opening.

Agave Delgada in Manhattan Stretch - Back Angled View

I have worn these for several days in a row – they are definitely a favorite, being both so comfortable and stylish! They haven’t stretched out at all and still fit really well. Since I have a smaller waist in proportion to my hips, I think the waistband could maybe have been a little tighter so there are a few times when I find myself pulling them up but it’s definitely not enough to be annoying or to need a belt. Because of the higher rise, they stay put very well considering how nice and soft and non-constricting they are. They look so cute either with tall boots or tucked into booties! I’ve worn them both casually and dressed up, and they look amazing either way.

If you are perusing the market for a nice, basic, timeless skinny jean, the Agave Delgada in Manhattan Stretch is definitely one to consider. I promise you’ll find yourself wanting to live in them! They retail for $178 on their website which is definitely an investment, but these will stick with you for a long time and the I believe comfort and versatility makes it worth it.

The Agave Delgada jean in Manhattan Stretch can be purchased here.

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