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Hello! Today I’m bringing you a something I am very excited to share with you…an AYR Skinny in Little Fishes review! When we are out there, searching for that perfect fitting jean to call our favorite, we are often lost amidst the myriad of brands claiming to own that perfect fit. In reality, different jeans fit different body shapes! Lately though, most brands are hearing the frustrated shoppers’ call and are re-inventing the wheel with technologically-advanced fabric blends and brand new cuts and precise fits. AYR is one of those brands, who not only was born out of the frustration of trying to find the perfect fit, but also answered the call of an easier online shopping experience by offering free shipping and returns to ease the fear of ordering the wrong size.

AYR is an offshoot of the popular menswear line Bonobos, also centered around building a great fit but mostly focused on khakis instead of denim. CEO Andy Dunn joined forces with Maggie Winter (formerly the senior merchant of J. Crew’s retail division) and designer Jacqueline Cameron (of Calvin Klein/Madewell), who were simply tired of shopping for the right fit and decided to start their own brand. AYR jeans aren’t only meant to keep you tucked in perfectly, but also promise great shape retention and softness with the best premium denim fabrics from around the globe. AYR jeans are also made and crafted in Los Angeles! The line is currently made up of three fits: the Skinny (fitted from hip to ankle, long and lean, standard 30” inseam with two other inseams to choose from), Ciggy (cropped straight leg, mid rise, standard 27” inseam with two other inseams to choose from), and Skinny Flare (“skyscraper legs”, fitted down through calves and breaks into a baby flare). I actually discovered AYR through a PureWow newsletter, and promptly emailed the brand to see if they’d be interested in doing a review with Denimology. I was excited when they replied back promptly, saying they LOVE Denimology and would be more than happy to send over a pair! I initially went with the Ciggy in Dove Wings, which is a beautiful, vibrant turquoise-ish blue wash with amazing fading, or “a unique indigo base shade…a rich, oxidized hue that can’t be replicated,” as AYR puts it. I requested my usual size of 26, and to my surprise, they actually sent me two styles – I also received the Skinny in Little Fishes in the 28” inseam, which also has a pretty light, vibrant blue, as AYR calls a “brilliant, broken-in blue,” with light whiskering above the thighs. The Ciggy was sent in a size 27, and the the Skinny was sent in a 26. As mentioned, this review is for the Skinny. The review for the Ciggy will be coming up next!

AYR Skinny in Little Fishes - Back Angle View 3

Normally I size down in non-skinny styles, but both the Ciggy and the Skinny styles fit the same, despite being different sizes! Maybe that means AYR even knows how their jeans run? Either way, I was impressed. The washes were as vibrant as they were shown online (especially outside in the sun!). Also impressive was the fit itself, which was seriously awesome, as promised! The AYR Skinny in Little Fishes hugged me everywhere. They were tighter at first but stretched out so smoothly as I first slipped into them, and even softened up as I wore them over the course of a few days (they weren’t stiff, but definitely became more buttery soft as they broke in and the fabric quality seemed to show its true colors over just one wear and improved with time). I’ve worn them about 5 times in a row and they now fit me just right without bagging or stretching out any further. Not even once do I have to hike them up…it’s almost like they are glued to me….with butter! Lol. The Skinny has a comfortable 8.5” mid rise that hugs my hips just right, with a rayon/lycra/cotton/tencel/polyester blend. I love that they are so soft and stretchy, but only to a point – just enough so they still gently hold you in and don’t feel like they’ll just stretch out forever. It’s a thin and breathable, but durable, fabric. They are definitely great for curvy and athletic figures like mine, but seeing as how they just mold to your shape like Saran Wrap, I think these will fit any body type just right.

AYR is a winner in my eyes…and that’s coming from a shopper who has, on numerous occasions, wished she could just start my own brand like Winters and Cameron did! Shopping can be frustrating and I often just want to jump into business myself when I can’t find what I need. I really hope that, and can see, this brand sticking around and gaining the notoriety that more globally known brands like 7 For All Mankind and Citizens of Humanity have achieved in this increasingly-competitive premium denim market. Not only is the fit, look and feel great but it’s a very versatile jean. We’re coming into Spring with warmer weather so I wore these with booties, flowly or loose tops and heels but I know I’ll be wearing them into next winter with some boots and big sweaters. Check out AYR for yourself…you won’t be disappointed! As mentioned, keep a lookout for my review of the AYR Ciggy in Dove Wings, coming up next.

The AYR Skinny in Little Fishes can be purchased here.

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