Ellen Page was Wearing Totally Ripped Jeans

Ellen Page was wearing totally ripped jeans as she was grabbing some food from the Real Food Daily in Hollywood. It was just revealed that Ellen is in talks to play the wife of John Belushi in an upcoming biopic on the late comedian’s life.

Well. I really respect Ellen Page for her honesty and all, but I think she simply overdid it with her outfit here. Those baggy ripped and torn jeans, paired with an oversized striped tee, don’t do much for her. AND those bulky brown shoes are a total downer. 🙁

Oh well, I guess it wasn’t one of her best dressed days!

If you wear baggy and destructed jeans like this, you should always try to counter balance them with a feminine flirty top and some cute stilettos, or even flats. You have a cute body, and you rock! So why try to hide behind hideous outfits??

You can find destructed boyfriend jeans here.
And please go for some cute and flirty tops like these!
And while we are at it, why not pair those jeans with some cool stilettos, or flats!

Ellen Page was Wearing Totally Ripped Jeans


  1. News flash for you: She’s kinda a butch lesbian rockin that dyke look and she looks great and dapper.

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