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Fidelity Stevie Mid-Rise Skinny in Viper Rinse Review

Fidelity Stevie Mid-Rise Skinny in Viper Rinse Review
Fidelity Stevie Mid-Rise Skinny in Viper Rinse - Front View

Hello again from Lana, your Denimology correspondent from San Luis Obispo, CA! Looking through my past reviews, I’ve discovered a lot of amazing denim styles that fit shapely figures without the need of a belt. Before I started with Denimology, I thought it was only flares or bootcuts that were made to fit the curvier or more athletic figure, but I’ve seen the light with so many incredible skinny and straight jeans! This installment features yet another brand to keep your eyes on…so here goes with a review for the Fidelity Stevie Mid-Rise Skinny in Viper Rinse!

Fidelity was born in 2005 by designer Jason Trotzuk, who began many years before that by painting blue jeans in his parents’ basement and selling them for a few hundred bucks a pop on the streets of Vancouver. Talk about an awesome story! Trotsuk was inspired by rock n’ roll culture, and the Fidelity Stevie Mid-Rise Skinny in Viper Rinse definitely has the character to match (and fits right in with my tastes!). I had heard about the brand in the past and was excited to get the chance to review a pair from them. I noticed that Fidelity is another brand that has recently incorporated the 4-way, shape retention stretch into their new upcoming lines (Zen Denim, which is a performance stretch with recovery technology made up of 90% cotton, 6% polyester and 4% elastane, and Paramount Denim, which is a sister denim to the Zen made up of a 10.5oz, 92% cotton, 6% polyester and 2% elastane). I was about to choose a pair with one of these two new fabric technologies, but I was fascinated by the dark rinse of the Viper Denim…partly because I usually am not partial to flat rinse denim because I like how dynamic fading and whiskering gives to a pair of jeans, and I could tell these were different. Fidelity let me know that the Viper Denim definitely has the same shape retention, with a 11.5 oz, 62/38% Cotton/Poly blend. I went with the Stevie Skinny because of the 8.5” mid-rise, and chose my usual size of 26.

Fidelity Stevie Mid-Rise Skinny in Viper Rinse - Back Angle View

As soon as these jeans arrived at my door and I got a closer look at them, I knew I made a good choice. The wash has enough stretch in them that the stretchy fibers give them a really pretty sheen that is tough to see indoors…you have to wear them outside to see how the sun hits them! They are a flat wash but they look so three-dimensional when the light hits them! They are so very clean looking, with some high class looking detailing, contrasting orange-ish stitching and silver hardware, and minimal pocket designs with the “Fidelity” logo placed modestly at the top of one of them. I also like the cool, dressy-looking crease they have down the back and the front of the legs. As for the fit, they are perfectly true to size, gently hug every curve and they aren’t super stretchy, but have just enough to hold themselves in place, and they haven’t stretched out! I absolutely love this fit! They are a skinny but are not tight and constricting, and almost fit more like a straight style as there is enough room below the calves. The 33” inseam is my perfect length in bootcuts, and it works really well with the Fidelity Stevie Mid-Rise Skinny in Viper Rinse because I get that slight, cute little scrunch at the bottom if I am wearing heels or booties. The fabric blend and wash makes them feel cool in warmer weather and smooth to the touch. They definitely don’t feel like a heavy fabric at all…the James Jeans Twiggy legging I reviewed were also an 11.5oz fabric, but these feel quite a bit thinner, yet very durable.

Because of this dark, flat wash, you can wear them with anything. I’ve worn them out and I’ve worn them to work. I don’t see them as a very casual style because of that beautiful sheen, so I’ve worn them with some nice tops…but I thought they looked cute juxtaposed with a casual-ish purple Juicy Couture velour hoodie. They have a definite rockstar look, as demonstrated well with Rihanna wearing the Viper Rinse in the Scoop Low Rise Skinny as shown in a Denimology article from back in 2008. I can see why the Fidelity Stevie Mid-Rise Skinny in Viper Rinse is a big celebrity favorite…it’s such a clean yet grown-up, edgy style that holds its great shape through many wears and can both compliment a rock ‘n roll style or dress up an otherwise-casual one!

The Fidelity Stevie Mid-Rise Skinny in Viper Rinse can be purchased here.

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