Joe Manganiello in a Levi's Denim Shirt

Joe Manganiello in a Levi’s Denim Shirt was slick and suave during a Sunday stroll through Beverly Hills after stopping into Italian eatery Cafe Roma for a little refuel.

Joe wrapped his ripped torso in a fitted Levi’s denim workshirt. The rolled up sleeves show a hint of each of his carefully created biceps and triceps!!

He paired the shirt with a shapely pair of khaki trousers, slung over a pair of tan colored military boots in case his masculine appeal wasn’t yet clear enough. 😉

The veritable silver fox shielded his handsome face and neatly trimmed beard with stylish frames and pushed his salt ‘n pepper locks into neat formation.

You can buy the Levi’s Stock Workshirt here.

Joe Manganiello in a Levi's Denim Shirt