Joe’s Ad Campaign – Just A Perfect Day – Part 4 – “THE LITTLE GIFT”

Joe’s Ad Campaign – Just A Perfect Day – Part 4 is the summary of all the previous ad campaign videos.
I love the way Joe’s has created a kind of suspense, like what’s going to show next and all. My overall impression of this ad campaign is: OMG! All of these Joe’s jeans are just so sexy! Be it the colorful skinnies, the leggings or the shorts, I love them all. And my most favorite (Yep, MOST FAVORITE) is the Vintage Reserve clip shown here.

Which part of the video did you like best?

“EPISODE 4: THE LITTLE GIFT” — Known for unique, narrative campaigns, Joe’s Jeans Inc., a premium denim and lifestyle brand, releases its Spring/Summer 2014 campaign, “Just A Perfect Day”. Each short features strong-minded, independent people, who liberate themselves by throwing convention out the window and following their hearts with no regrets and no apologies. What if your definition of a perfect day was changing plans on your wedding day and running out wearing your favorite jeans under your wedding dress, or the morning of the walk of shame?

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