Joe's Introduces the Sun Faded Collection

Joe’s introduces the Sun Faded Collection – a real summer treat!

JOE’S SUN FADED DENIM COLLECTION captures the carefree California spirit of endless, sun drenched summers. The capsule collection, inspired by the surf and beach culture of the ‘70s, features sun aged and salt washed blues reflecting years of natural sun exposure and wear. The medium to powder blue shades are paired with California casual silhouettes, from high rise flares to easy shorts, for the perfect sun faded jean.

One thing that especially called my attention was that these jeans are neither ripped, nor destructed. They have a super clean vibe. The essence of this collection is the beautiful wash, ranging from medium blue to bleached.

Check out Caroline’s review of one of these jeans in the following post.

You can buy the Joe’s sun faded collection here.

Joe's Introduces the Sun Faded Collection

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