Joe’s Jeans Straight+Narrow Brixton jeans

The Joe’s Straight+Narrow Brixton jeans in Wrenn is the new standard for a universal blue jean. What I mean by this is that the fit and wash will look good on just about anyone regardless of size or style. When thinking about classic blue jeans I would imagine this is the pair that should come to mind.

The overall fit of the Joe’s Straight+Narrow Brixton jean is “easy and relaxed”. I went true to size (32 waist) and would not change a thing. The waist hits at a perfect mid-rise and still give you some room to gain or lose a few pounds without compromising the overall fit and look. The straight leg allows for plenty of room to move and plenty of room to go about completing any chore. Now I always seem to talk about the feel of the denim and the Joe’s Jeans Straight+Narrow Brixton jeans do not disappoint in this category. When you have this pair of jeans on it feels like you have had them for years. You want this denim to be close to your body and I perfect example was when I found myself a bit embarrassed riding the train. I was unaware that I had been absentmindedly rubbing my hands against my legs for more than a couple minutes and it took me way too long to realize I was in public. The “broken in” feel is what many of us attempt to duplicate by beating up our raw denim for years.

The opening on the leg is wider and will fall over the tops of your shoes. This also means that the length is important to note. The Joe’s Jeans Straight+Narrow Brixton jeans comes in a standard 34 inch length which is not ideal for me who normally wears a 32. Also, because of the straight leg I didn’t feel comfortable rolling up the hem because then they look too large. However, simple solution, I had them hemmed at my local tailor. I still wanted to leave a bit of length to keep the essence of the intended fit. The jeans should look relaxed and casual and I feel this is best achieved by showing a little stacking on the ankle. I also did not wash these before tailoring so I wanted to leave some extra space for the shrinking that could occur with my first wash. Since this is not raw denim, I feel less guilty about washing them often.

I have also paired the Brixton jeans with the new Joe’s Jeans Henley Tee. Just as I described with the jeans, the Henley can work for everyone. I would describe the Henley as an easy fit, perfect for the warm summer months. With the fabric not clung close to your skin, you can feel a bit more comfortable when working up a sweat. The subtle texture and weight also make it a great transition piece from the warm days to cool summer evenings on the beach or in the backyard. This would be an easy shirt to throw on during any weekend and still have a sense of style.

Bottom Line: I can now understand why the Joe’s Jeans Straight+Narrow Brixton jeans are quickly becoming a fan favorite because it will work on everyone. If you are looking to take a break from your skinny jeans, freeze your raw denim to kill the funk or just put on something easy you won’t have to think about, the Joe’s Jeans Straight+Narrow Brixton is a strong alternative. I would recommend this fit and wash (Wrenn) for the weekend and paired with almost any casual footwear. Go for boots to add a bit of edge, Converse to keep the relaxed vibe or sandals when running to the beach. Lastly, throw on the Joe’s Jeans Winslow Henley Tee for a great summer shirt that brings a nice easy feel to any outfit.

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Joe’s Jeans Straight+Narrow Brixton jeans

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